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Mange on dogs

hi there - any suggestions on how to treat mange at home, or should one take the dogs to the vet?

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My rescue border collie had very bad mange which took many months to clear.

Very definitely suggest you take your dog to the vet

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Anyone else have any advice on Demadectic Mange.  My 5 month old Boerboel has it and the dipping is hectic and so toxic.  I have only done it twice but it makes him sleep for about two days after each treatment.  I would love to treat it holistically as well which is why I am thinking of switching to Orijen Puppy food for the fish oils, etc.  Any tips would be gratefully received! Thanks


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I would also like a home treatment to star with. My two year old jack Russell seems to have it around her mouth, but beginning stages and vet bills are climbing. If a home treatment doesn't work, then i will take her to the vet.


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